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Announcement: Copyright & Intellectual property

Posted by Neil



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Ladies & Gentlemen;

The IAF site is starting to grow very fast now and the content is building up nicely. In fact, I would say that we already have a lot of very high quality content and it is this that I want to discuss in this announcement.

Please respect each others copyright / intellectual property! If you would like to use an image, content or tutorial on your own website you need to take the following steps;
  • Contact the author of the article / image and ask their permission to reproduce it on your website or other related media. Providing this isn't for profit, I'm sure that most people will have no issues granting you their permission. Do not take it for granted though! Be courteous, send an email and wait for permission.
  • When you publish the article, if appropriate, please credit the original author and place a link to the original source. You can see that we always do this for astronomical news items that we find scattered across the internet.
It costs nothing to ask for permission, just some of your time and in most cases the people you ask will be flattered and will happily grant you the permission you need.

Best regards

The IAF Management Team