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Submission Rules

Images entered must have been captured within 60 days of the month in question. For example; this allows you to start capturing data in April for submission in June. Enough time hopefully for us all to catch some clear skies?

The cut off date will be the 3rd weekend of that month with the winner declared at the end of the month. Winning images will be featured on the forums main page.

Please provided us with the information below to allow us to apply a weighting system to the submitted images, making it a fair competition for everyone.

Total imaging equipment cost based on the retail value;

Equipment category 'A' = < 5000 Euros
Equipment category 'B' = < 10,000 Euros
Equipment category 'C' = < Unlimited

We want to see what you can achieve with your equipment at your location, using modest or the best-in-class amateur astronomy equipment.

Please provide the basic information as follows;

Your location
City / Town:

With wish you the best of luck and look forward to reviewing your efforts.

The IAF Management Team.

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Image of the month competition

Please submit your best image here in the appropriate month when its was taken or completed. The judges will apply a weighting system to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of winning.