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Messier 45
Other Names: Pleiades, Collinder 42, Melotte 22, OCL 421
Optics: Borg Astrograph 101ED at f/4.1
Mount: Atlas EQG using The Sky6, EQMOD, & MaxPilote
Camera: QSI 583WS
Filters: Astrodon Lum, Gen II RGB
Exposure: 160 Mins, [32 x 300s] 40 mins each of LRBG
Accessories: Auto guided with Borg 45ED and Orion Starshoot Auto Guider using Maxim DL guiding
Location: Rodeo, NM
Date: November 17th, 2012
Notes: Image acquisition with Maxim DL Pro using MaxPilote automation. Processing: Image calibration, align, and combine in Maxim DL Pro. Levels, curves, crop and resize in Photoshop. LRGB combine completed using Neil Fleming's method (Luminance added in "lighten" blend to each channel - R 100%, G 15%, B 20%, then Luminance added layer at 50% opacity, redo curves on each new layer).
Calibrated w/42 Darks, 93 Bias, 100 Flats of each filter using light box, CCD temperature was -20C. Image was taken near the Arizona Sky Village near Portal, AZ.

High Res Version: http://astromarina.z...391451550-6.jpg
Luminance Version: http://astromarina.z...0A890#h52f0a890
Original RGB Version: http://astromarina.z...05dc4#h52f05dc4