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SH 2-275 Ha RGB


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SH 2-275 Ha RGB

SH 2-275
Other Names: Rosette Nebula, Caldwell 49, NGC 2237
Optics: Borg Astrograph 101ED at f/4.1
Mount: Atlas EQG using The Sky6, EQMOD, & MaxPilote
Camera: QSI 583WS
Filters: Astrodon Ha 3nm, Gen II RGB
Exposure: 305 Mins, [61 x 300s] 200 mins Ha, 40 mins each of R&B, 25 mins G
Accessories: Auto guided with Borg 45ED and Orion Starshoot Auto Guider using Maxim DL guiding
Location: Rodeo, NM
Date: November 12th, 2012
Notes: Processing: Image acquisition with Maxim DL Pro using MaxPilote automation. Image calibration, align, and combine in Maxim DL Pro. Levels, curves, Ha RGB Starizona method #2, crop and resize in Photoshop.
Calibrated w/25 Darks, 93 Bias, 100 Flats of each filter using light box, CCD temperature was -30C. Image was taken near the Arizona Sky Village near Portal, AZ.

High Res Version: http://astromarina.z...374383562-6.jpg
Ha Version: http://astromarina.z...be514#h51ebe514
Original RGB Version: http://astromarina.z...C196C#h51ec196c