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I found around 10 galaxies in this image before I converted to a jpg. The prominent galaxy in this image is NGC4216 (R-Center) which is a part of the Virgo galaxy cluster and is 40 million light years distant. Right above NGC4216 are two other smaller galaxies. The fuzzy round PGC39247 is most likely a satellite of NGC4216 and also ~40 million light years distant based on available red shift/rotational velocity data.

The other tiny edge on galaxy to the right of PGC39247 is PGC1425156. I learned a lot last night while trying to determine its distance. The main thing I learned is that there is a lot of conflicting data floating around the internet concerning galaxy distances and the methods used to determine these distances. Since I was not able to find any reliable information I decided to do it the simple way…. Assume that this tiny galaxy is roughly the same size as NGC4216 and use the ratio of angular size vs distance. This ratio shows that PGC1425156 is ~800 million light years distant. Wow! Amazing what you can see from your backyard.

And finally to the lower left is the edge on galaxy NGC4222 at 70 million light years distance.