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The ugly duckling

The ugly duckling

Please don't laugh at her she is very sensitive (especially to collimation). This is my C6 HyperStar, I bought a Nexstar 6SE some years ago as a travel scope for holidays. One day early this year I got to thinking about narrow band imaging and thought using the C6 with a HyperStar should give me good results with short integration times during periods when the moon normally stopped play. Wow, what a revelation, F/1.9 is incredible and makes all my other stuff seem really really slow! Anyway the reason she falls short on the beauty stakes is because I wanted to overcome several issues which made it difficult to use in practice. Changing camera orientation for framing meant recollimation. I had to work out a way of taking flats with a light panel. I needed to provide enough scope/mount clearance to do long imaging runs through the meridian and lastly make an effective dewshield which would also serve as an EL panel location. After much thought I came up with what you see before you, the end result is home made, literally on the kitchen table with basic hand tools and it works like a charm. I am a very happy HyperStar convert and wouldn't swap her for anything. Oh yes, and the mount is a 10 year old Vixen Atlux with an AWR Technology stepper drive conversion.

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    I have always wondered what a HyerStar system looked like on the scope and now I know, thanks. The Vixen Atlux looks like a solid mount and the view of the mountain range in the background also looks stunning... I bet your sky's are really dark? 


    At F1.9 Collimation must be extremely precise. Looking forward to seeing some of your DSO's 

    Mike Hawtin
    Dec 22 2012 11:32 AM

    Hello Neil, yes the Atlux is pretty good, unfortunately I can't say the same about the skies over here, I think the Cypriots must be afraid of the dark, they have lights all over the place even in the middle of nowhere with no houses around.  But at least the skies are frequently clear and usually steady so I am more than happy to put up with a bit of light pollution.



    Dec 22 2012 01:17 PM

    What a fantastic view Mike! 


    I think "FrakenScope" Looks awesome! It's amazing what people can come up with to sort out problems, I'm using a belt drive mod for my HEQ5 that was researched and developed by one of our members!


    F1.9! I would love that but as Neil said collimation could be knocked out by a mosquito farting 50m away.


    Thanks for putting the photo's up mate really like them!