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Rosette Jan RGB And Dec Ha combined Hybrid



Rosette Jan RGB And Dec Ha combined Hybrid

Combined data from Jan 2012 DSLR & December 2012 Atik383L

7 hours of 5min subs Modified Canon 450D
2 hours of 10min subs Atik383L Ha (Ha image below)

Colour image is a bit of a hybrid as the orientation was
different so corners are filled in with DSLR image

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    I'm always amazed at what can be achieved with a modded DSLR camera, that's a great result, you must be really pleased with how its turned out.


    I always have orientation issues with my images since I'm still setting up and tearing down each night, therefore, its impossible to get the ccd camera back to the same position each time. 

    That is a superb image Carole - really smooth. The hours of data shows. I can't detect anything funny about the corners being DSLR only.