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NGC4216 and friends

NGC4216 galaxy edge on spiral galaxy triplet


Paul Reed 2013

NGC4216 and friends

My only deep sky image this month, and also my first of the year. NGC4216 is the largest of a galaxy triplet, but as part of the Virgo / Leo / Coma 'realm of galaxies' - only one of the many interesting groupings in this part of the sky. There are (at least) 10 galaxies in this image, which was taken from the BLAS Observatory, Brough, E. Yorkshire.
Details: Canon EOS550D at prime focus of a Meade 80mm ED / APO - piggybacked on a Meade LX200 GPS and autoguided using Metaguide and a Toucam Pro.
30 x 3min subs at ISO 800. Stacked in IRIS, post-processing in PixInsight LE and CS3.

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