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M63 LRGB flt2 ABE Cal Ht satbst hdr3 150 atwNR


M63 LRGB flt2 ABE Cal Ht satbst hdr3 150 atwNR

This is my first PI process. Undeniably better than my PS flow although I wish the core would pop out a bit more.
The luminance data has horrible flats problems (a long story but I wanted to use the 3 hours of data I had) and I dove into ATW based on PI forum description by the PI expert (except I did this on the non-linear image but oh well, it did help).
I think I went a bit too far on the HDR Multiscale as I see the center of the bright orange/red star has an artifact in it.
But I am reasonably happy with the results of a few hours of work.
I had used the High Pass filtering a lot with PS and it will take some practice to figure out the correct settings for HDR MS
Now if I only could figure out how to make that core more yellow, but that is the fun part, learning new tricks.
Taken with a Hyperion 12.5" astrograph and an FLI ML16803 with unbinned color
Lum: 15x10, R: 11x10, B: 15x10, G:10x10
Feeback, critique, all welcome

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