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Looping Solar Flare

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Looping Solar Flare

I haven't been able to do much in the dark skies from south Texas but here is a fortuitous solar shot I caught on May 14 of a flare loop from sunspot AR 11748 on the eastern limb of the disk. Sunspot 11745 is the big one toward the center that shot off some X-class flares last week. The flare loop was not visible when I was tuned for the sunspot activity so I took another "untuned" series and merged them to get this image of surface detail and flares. Seeing was not too good that afternoon with quite a bit of surface wind and high level haziness. I was using my new Point Grey Grasshopper USB 3.0 camera and my Lunt 80mm solar scope - the best 10% of 1000 frames.


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