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The core of NGC 5139 aka Omega Centauri

ngc5139 omega centauri


(C) Rick Stevenson, 2013

The core of NGC 5139 aka Omega Centauri

Arguably the best globular cluster in the sky, rivaled only by 47 Tucanae, Omega Centauri is the brightest and largest globular associated with our galaxy and easily visible with the naked eye. Imaged from Brisbane, Australia with a Ceravolo 300 Astrograph and Apogee Alta U16M camera.

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    Fantastic deep shot of OC. Good processing on the star colors. Two thumbs up. I'd love to shoot this one, but alas, it only peeks above the horizon. 

    Thanks very much!  I feel much the same about some of the great northern objects that I can't image from here  ;-)

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