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IRIS NGC7023 2013 Oct 06

Iris NGC7023 astrocrimi

IRIS NGC7023  2013 Oct 06

The Iris Nebula - NGC 7023
This is 3 hours of data on the Iris Nebula. It is a fairly bright reflection nebula in the constellation of Cepheus.
This is a stack of 58 x 3min ISO 800 subs from my back garden in Cambridge, UK. I have also removed dark and bias files but no flats.
This was the first time i have understood and completed a proper drift alignment. Trivial i know, but it has defeated me before and this was a big step towards me being able to get consistency with my imaging setup. So the 3 min subs all came out pretty much perfect. Was nice to be able to use 58 out of 70 subs taken. Wooohooo.
Any comments and criticism welcome.

Sky watcher ED80 with flattener.
CG5 Adv Mount.
Canon 60D Unmodified
ISO 800 180 sec subs
PHD + QHY5 Finder Guider
Stacked in DSS
Finished in Photoshop 6

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