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NGC 4038 39 LRGB

NGC 4038   39   LRGB

NGC 4038 and 4039, also known as Arp 244 and Caldwell 60 and 61, are a couple of interacting galaxies located approximately 45 and 65 million light-years away in Corvus.

NGC 4027 is located at the bottom right. This barred spiral galaxy is also found in Halton Arp’s catalog as Arp 22. It is located approximately 83 million-light years away.

NGC 4024 is located at the top right. It is located approximately 76 million light-years away.

Luminance – 18x600s – 180 minutes – binned 1x1
RGB – 8x300s – 40 minutes each – binned 2x2

300 minutes total exposure – 5 hours

Imaged March 29th and April 18th, 2014 at the Danville Conservation Area (New Florence, Missouri) with a SBIG ST-8300M on an Astro-Tech AT90EDT at f/6.7 603mm.

LRGB - https://www.flickr.c...on/14145430783/

LRGB crop - https://www.flickr.c...on/13938739768/

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