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Spacetime is now a fluid?

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#1 astrodoc71



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Posted 03 May 2014 - 09:18 PM

"Quantum mechanics is able to effectively explain three of the four fundamental forces of the Universe 1) Electromagnetism - which acts between pieces of matter carrying electrical charge, 2) Weak Interactions - responsible for radioactive decay, and 3) Strong Interactions - responsible for holding the nuclei of atoms together. But it does not explain gravity. Identifying a plausible model of gravity within a quantum physics framework is one of the major challenges physics is facing today. However, despite the many models proposed to date, none has proved satisfactory or amenable to empirical investigation. Now, theoretical physicists in Italy and Germany have devised innovative ways to describe the effects that should be observed if spacetime was a very low viscosity superfluid and they are arriving at some very profound conclusions. They are also proposing the first observational tests of these phenomena. "(courtesy of Astromart.com)



Thought this was very intriguing :)





#2 Neil



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Posted 06 May 2014 - 10:13 AM

A very interesting article Dave,


Thanks for sharing it here, so spacetime is now a superfluid, it funny how all these different constructs come up over time and then evaporate! :D


Looks like they are still trying to shoe horn quantum mechanics into relativity and gravity, one day they might just stumble upon the right answer!


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