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New Skywatcher Heavy Weight on the horizon!

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#1 SlipperySquid


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Posted 05 February 2013 - 08:57 PM

Yet again Skywatcher announce a new mount..the EQ8!


With a supposed weight limit of 50kg it could shake the foundations of the other more boutique mounts out there today!


Some Australian retailers have already put a price up of $4,456 (about £2,900) this puts it £2000 cheaper than the Celestron CGE PRO.


It looks a beast and the specifications look good. With a supposed release date of March 2013 (the EQ8 was first announced in 2010 with a release date of 2011 but this never happened).


So will we actually see this mount? Will the price be correct? I for one am very excited and hope this isn't another false alarm!



Dual Encoder Design
With the patented dual encoder design, you may move the scope to any position manually or electronically without deactivating the tracking mode first. After moving to a new object, the telescope will automatically begin to track the new object accurately. No re-setup is required in one observing session. The mount is good for remote observatories.

It utilizes 0.9 degree per step bipolar stepper motors to get high resolution. It uses stepper motors without reduction gear to drive worm shaft directly so to remove the periodic error caused by reduction gear.

Computer Operation
Couple the solidly-built mount with the included SynScan computer controller to utilize many of the same functions and features as Sky-Watcher's most advanced SynScan mounts. It also could be controlled by SynScan Tour.

Permanent programmable periodic error correction (PEC) - corrects for periodic tracking errors inherent in all worm drives.

Convenient Alignment
It could go back to initial position of the telescope automatically, which is convenient for alignment.

Superior Stability
The EQ8 mount is supported by an improved Super HD Tripod. The tripod is made from the finest rolled carbon steel and can be raised to a height of 1347mm. The tripod uses a dual leg support for maximum rigidity with an upper leg brace to provide an outward preload and a lower leg brace providing inward tension.

Stable pillar/tripod design
The very massve tripod allows hieght adjustment between 0,75 meter and 1 meter.

50kg Payload Capacity! 











Clear skies,







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Posted 06 February 2013 - 08:57 AM

Are you going to buy one Matt ? It's more likely to shake your wallet more then anything or else ! Or Stir up a fight ! :lol:

#3 SlipperySquid


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Posted 06 February 2013 - 09:12 AM

I don't know? I suppose I could apply for a credit card, but I think I would sooner save like mad for a year? Or we could see a flood of EQ6's hit the second hand market? Then there's the old wait a couple of years until the EQ8 hit the second hand market :D


Would I like one? of course! It's a mount I'd never need to upgrade or worry about overloading but cash is king and the missus would sooner go on holiday then let me have it :D


Clear skies,



#4 RickS


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Posted 06 February 2013 - 09:44 AM

It will be interesting to see if the EQ8 can actually carry 50Kg well enough for imaging.  That's assuming they ever arrive.  I have a mate who is desperate for one... he sold his Tak EM200 after being told he would receive an EQ8 in December.  He's still waiting, unfortunately.

#5 Neil



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Posted 06 February 2013 - 12:35 PM

It will be interesting to see if the mythical EQ8 ever makes it off the boat and on these shores! Never mind carrying 50kg or tracking to +/-5 arcseconds! :D


If I sound skeptical, that because I am. I still remember all the hype surrounding the EQ7  :ph34r: and what happened? Nothing! In my business we call it VAPOURWARE! Everyone gets excited and then the anticlimax starts kicking in. Not immediately but slowly after deadline after deadline is missed and slowly but surely a year slips by!


Some unscrupulous dealers will no doubt be taking deposite for the rare as "Hens Teeth" EQ8 and will be refunding their customers after they have pocketed the interest in a years time!!!


Even if it does arrive in April 2013 lets say? I will wait until the second / third production run starts, once they have ironed out all of the issues and bugs... :unsure:


Lets hope they price it right if it does come out at all, for me there are a lot of capable mounts in and around 3-4k so this needs to be pitched at 2.5-3k to take the market.


Still its nice to dream... clear skies