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Abridged forum rules

forum rules abridged

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Posted 04 December 2012 - 06:02 PM

IAF Abridged Rules
--04 December 2012--

Please do not register MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS, one account per person only.


Any accounts that are inactive (no log in) for 6 months will be removed from our system, the account information will be deleted.


The above rule may be waived on an individual basis, where the forum Admin, are aware of extenuating circumstances.


A deleted account may be re-activated via the standard registration procedure.


Please THINK before you post, what you post here will be around for a long time to come!


Don't post in the heat of the moment, reflect and come back to the discussion later.


Absolutely no POLITICS, RELIGION, SEX, or RACISM. Discussion of any of these subjects, although possibly well meant, is likely to be seen as offensive or controversial to some. Therefore, to avoid possible conflict, please do not discuss these subjects, or anything of a discriminatory nature, on the forum.


(NO POLITICS means, no promotion of political parties or of a political agenda or deliberate attempts to instigate a political debate on our forum) Politics are a fact of life and are therefore impossible to completely avoid, especially in off topic items, therefore please be careful with these subjects. If we feel that the material is inappropriate or a member is attempting to promote a political agenda, the offending materials will be removed and a warning given.


RESPECT. Please treat all members of this forum with the respect that you expect for yourself.


The use of strong language (Swearing) is not permitted on the forum. Please do not try to by pass the bad language filters.


It is inevitable that from time to time, members may disagree on a particular subject. Such disagreements must be kept civil and within the IAF CoC, they are not to be taken to a personal level. To agree to disagree is often the best solution.


No trolling and no flame wars here please! In any arguments FACTS alway TRUMPS opinions, so if its important to you to argue taken the time to PROVE your point.


No Piracy, please respect the authors or develops right to earn a living from their work / IP (Intellectural Property).


Please be aware of Copyright implications when 'posting' material produced by others. A 'link' or reference to the source may be acceptable to the owner, but always check first!


Absolutely NO commercial posts by retailers & traders etc of a commercial nature without prior permission of the admins. We do not allow unapproved commercial postings, any violations and the post will be removed and you face a permanent ban!


Members should also refrain from offering unsolicitated endorsements or pricing, unless approciate to the discussion. Pricing should never be discussed. It one thing to state that a product or service is excellent value and quit another to state the point of sale and price!!!