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Live from NEAF

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Posted 20 April 2013 - 08:49 PM

Finally wrapped things up at the telescope show! I met with Ron Newman and picked up my Moonlite! I guess that's probably why all these pics are a little out of focus. I was all hyped up on the caffeine! Anyway just a bunch of kit picks for some "eye candy" :D




This was the whole thing! Gazillions of scopes, mounts, etc etc


neaf2.jpg  neaf3.jpg


First stop was Moonlite of course. 





Some Vixen scopes





This is on my list for one day! The Planewave 17"





This was the coolest thing I saw! Now some of you may already know about it, but since I have a Sirius Dome I never actually saw one of these "pop-up" domes. This thing is amazing. Inside measures 10 feet wide by 9 feet high. Goes up without tools in 45 minutes. Now get this: this structure is rated for 120 knot wind!! It was originally designed to be portable but most users are setting it up as permanent. The dome is a rotating strructure which can be operated manually but also has a clever infrared feedback with motor power that will track the dome with your scope. None of that MaxDome or other software stuff! I'm telling you guys, I'm thinking of selling my Sirius for one of these, especially since we are likely moving soon! The problem with my dome is that it is manual and if I want to retrofit dome rotation it will cost as much as 2 of these things! Cost of one of these is just over 2K US! Hmmm.. Actually it's going to be 3K with the motorised option which I since found out won't be available until end of May.

Anyway we'll see.





TEC 180





AP Starfire 175 on an AP1600. Price....only 40+K US!






This is the portable AP Mach1. Aound 7K



Enjoy looking!